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::: The Architectural Visualizer :::

I almost did not include my love of Architecture here on this site again. But I realized it coincides directly with my User Interface and User Experience Designs. What I am actually becoming is an Information Architect. I will use the same basic rules that are used in Architecture, to build usable interfaces, websites and apps!

Down below are a few examples of my Architectural Visualizations: And you can click here to see the Archi Side of t3true Designs









::: The Artist / Designer

I have been drawing since I can remember! I’m actually glad to this day I have drawing books from when I was about 9! I can literally look at those drawings and remember what I was doing at the time, I can remember how I felt while I was drawing them…they were like my journals of my youth. While others wrote their feelings down, I drew them.

Here are just a few examples of what I used to draw (of course I can still draw!):







::: The WordPress Website Developer

In today’s market, every body who is anybody needs a website. From a business to an organization, your website is often the first interaction a potential customer has with you. A nice clean website will help you make a great first impression!
Your website that I can provide will be the perfect connection you can have between customers. If your website is not updated and up to online users standards, they may pass you by to go to the next site that has a nicer web presence.
Wordpress CMS is the tool of choice for me to create these sites for you. They are easy to update and to add content. Also when you feel like the site is looking stale and needs a visual update, someone with my skills can help you make those changes so your site can look as professional as your work.

::: The UX / UI Designer

UX / UI, What is that? User Experience and User Interface Design. When you view an app, when you log into your banks website, a UX /UI designer like myself studied users and designs options to make the usability of the site or app be, well, usable and not frustrating. That is the job of a UX / UI designer. More info soon!