UI Designs

UX / UI, What is that? User Experience and User Interface Design. When you view an app, when you log into your banks website, a UX /UI designer like myself studied users and designs options to make the usability of the site or app be, well, usable and not frustrating. That is the job of a UX / UI designer. More info soon!

Feel the Burn Fitness Club Landing / Sign-Up Page –MOCK-UP--feeltheburn--all_3

I created the entire design for a new app Coming out soon…
I had a fun time designing this one. I will have more documentation to add here soon!! –

___hair-u-are-app_v1Hair U Are App V 1.0 (Initial design study)



s3-demo_login s3-demo_login__white s3-mockup__entry_page_v2 s3-mockup_FIRST_DESIGN_PAGE01s3-mockup__products-page_v2  s3-mockup_FIRST_DESIGN_PAGE02

Design Mock-Up Study for Washington Adventist University Digital Journal –
MOCK-UP_IPAD_WAU_newspaper_01 MOCK-UP_IPAD_WAU_newspaper_02